Saturday, 30 July 2016

How unscrupulous contractors cut corners when pricing

Typically, an unscrupulous contractor may choose to leave out necessary items in the pricing. This may be a contravention of the Building Regulations policies and pricing for sub-standard workmanship. A clause to the RFQ should be added stating that all work must be done in accordance with the NBR to prevent them from claiming not to be aware of the regulations. They would also choose to quote on sub-standard products. It is subsequently the client’s duty to specify which brands to use or the desired level of quality. Some contractors also tend to leave entire items out of lump sum prices. Once the client itemized the work and set up a bill of quantities, it is harder for these contractors to leave sections of the work out without them knowing about it. Generally’ clients need to protect themselves against contractor who cut their prices, items, procedures and processes they are pricing for just to get contracts and who will eventually charge them later during the latter stages of the project.

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